The hotel in Alta Badia amidst the peaks and towers of the Dolomites


Clear contours which do not detract from the cozy atmosphere. Hand-made fabrics not lacking in softness. Woods reflecting our intimate connection to the mountain forests. And the unifying force of the creativity of the Rinna and Mellauner family which can be seen throughout this hospital oasis. A clear gaze and unwavering focus on day-to-day matters combined with a heart and sense of family – those are what have always made the La Majun and La Villa in Alta Badia a special place.

Tradition in der Gastfreundschaft, Moderne im Wohnen – Urlaub in Südtirol

Openness, a willingness to help, and friendly camaraderie have always been the hallmarks of the Ladin culture in Alta Badia – which was still laboring under severe deprivation only a few decades ago. Maybe that's actually why in La Majun the tradition of hospitality is held in such high regard – with regards to lodgings, regional delicacies, and the many cultural and sport opportunities to be had here by vacationers in South Tyrol.