storia hotel La Majun la valle alta badia

Three generations, same dedication Our history

The history of Hotel La Majun began long ago, in the birthplace of Ladin culture.

The grandfather of the current owner, Roberta Rinna, was the blacksmith of La Villa during the 1930s.

Life in the mountains at that time was a story of privation; after the death of Giovanni Rinna, the women in the family could not take over the smithy, then considered a job for men, and found themselves forced to find a way to survive.

And so, in the early sixties, they began to rent out a couple of rooms at La Majun. For the two weeks a year these were occupied by guests, Grandma Giuditta and her five children all slept in the store, dividing up the various tasks in their tiny guesthouse.

Roberta helped out in the kitchen after school, while her aunt served guests with traditional barley soup, stuffed mezzaluna pasta, and tasty dishes of game from mountain forests.

Then gradually over the decades, La Majun became the place it is today.

A hotel that is still family-run. Three generations have lived and worked there every day, keen to offer guests a genuine experience on their holiday.

They have worked with great zeal and imagination, turning a small house in La Villa into a comfortable and stylish hotel. A hotel that offers guests all the intimacy and warmth of a family home.

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