Art & Culture in all their forms Tradition, art and design

It is the details that give the Hotel La Majun at La Villa its unique character.

Like the handmade loden cushions on the sofa, the golden light from the Catellani & Smith lamps on the tables, or the carefully arranged flowers on the large scenic terrace.

The host Roberta always manages to add examples of Ladin craftsmanship, to give the rooms an extra touch of authenticity.

The family has an innate creative gift, which has been passed down over the generations.

They have always been open-minded, ready to help and happy to share convivial moments: characteristics that always distinguished the Ladin people of Alta Badia, even during less fortunate times. And that is perhaps why the tradition of hospitality at La Majun is sincere through and through. It breathes life our the rooms and common areas, into the delicious dishes of our region, and into the cultural experiences and sports we offer guests who choose a holiday in South Tyrol.

Art is in our blood

Grandfather Giovanni Rinna was the village blacksmith, and his son did an artistic forging course in Val Gardena in order to take over his father's business at La Villa. Granddaughter Natalie Mellauner soon discovered a passion for painting. Her paintings capture the impressive character of the Dolomites and translate it into abstract forms. In the warm colours of the earth and the golden leaves of the dense forests, she expresses her strong sense of belonging to a mountain valley.


A design hotel

The design of Hotel La Majun combines aspects of traditional architecture, a minimalist form of alpine style, and a very careful choice of lighting.

The lamps that adorn the interior of Hotel La Majun were designed by international artists, including the Israeli Ayola S. Serfaty, Ingo Maurer, Philipp Starck, and the Italian designers Catellani & Smith.


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