Tradition, art & Design

The unique character of the La Majun is expressed in countless details.
The handcrafted loden cushions on the sofa, the golden glow of the lamps by Catellani & Smith over the tables, or the carefully arranged flowers on the spacious panorama terrace are all evidence of this. Senior manager Roberta is a master in skillfully incorporating Ladin craftsmanship in the surroundings to give the hotel's interior a profound authenticity.

Openness, a willingness to help, and friendly camaraderie have always been the hallmarks of the Ladin culture in Alta Badia – which was still laboring under severe deprivation only a few decades ago. Maybe that's actually why in La Majun the tradition of hospitality is held in such high regard – with regards to lodgings, regional delicacies, and the many cultural and sport opportunities to be had here by vacationers in South Tyrol.

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